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Here is a little story kiddies.

When I was 13 years old I bought this at a store in York, PA. It’s 2 halves of a heart blue and pink and when you press them together it says “I Love You!” I was just as much of a hopeless romantic then as I am now. I had a huge crush on this girl Jennifer Cronzer (I forget the spelling) in my elementary middle school at the time, and I was going to give her one of the halves and ask her out. Weeks maybe even months went by and I never could get the courage to ask her out, but I took them to school with me everyday. Then one day in school the word in the hallway was Jennifer was going out with a boy named Luke and were holding hands. I was major bummed and then moved away from that school shortly after. I still have these charms and have yet to love a girl entirely enough to give her the other half.

/corny story

A poem for my girl.


i will always be there for you like i said from the start.
i’ll love you no matter how much things fall apart.
loving each other is not something we lack
mistake after mistake i’ll take you back.
what is distance against the way we feel?
i say it’s nothing cause what we have is real.
Someday we’ll be smiling together again
and until the day comes I’ll be waiting till then.

i love you babe

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